Tory Lanez releases new single, “Temperature Rising”

His first release as an independent artist.

Tory Lanez has released “Temperature Rising,” his first single as a newly independent artist after fulfilling his Interscope Records contract.

The rapper showcases his vocal chops on the R&B slow jam, which he joked will be responsible for “80 percent of the babies made during Covid-19” in a tweet. “Temperature’s risin’ / And I’m fantasizin’ ’bout givin’ it to you / Givin’ you somethin’ / Won’t lie it’s somethin’ I wanna do to you / We got all night, girl, we can take it slowly,” he sings.

Last month, Lanez ended his contract with Interscope after the release of The New Toronto 3. The record featured singles like “Broke in a Minute” and “Who Needs Love,” as well as contributions from rappers Mansa and Lil Tjay.

Listen to “Temperature Rising” below:



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