Tobe Nwigwe and his wife Fat share energetic video for “Fye Fye”

Fat Nwigwe outshines her husband on this new one.

Tobe Nwigwe has returned with an energetic new single and video called “Fye Fye,” featuring his wife Fat Nwigwe and production by frequent collaborator Lanell Grant.

The couple last teamed up on Tobe’s 2020 single, “Eat.” For the “Fye Fye” video, the Nwigwes—with two babies and one on the way soon, judging from Fat’s belly—take over a basketball court with a team of dancers. Like other Tobe-directed videos, the clip pays attention to aesthetic detail as the rappers and dancers wear matching white and green outfits.

Lyrically, Tobe pays homage to his home neighborhood of South West Alief, Texas, which he refers to as “West” on the track. “Look, dawg, I’m extra unique, my whole aura scream talent / I’ve been listening to Fela, Griselda and Marvin Winans just to make sure I’m balanced / I’m from the West, yuh, half of my partners is savage / The other half made it out the mud, but the taste of sludge didn’t alter they palate,” he spits.


Around the two-minute mark, Fat bursts onto the court with some fire of her own: “On God, I’m extra petite, but the hood call me Fat… Throw up the West, yuh, but let’s just keep it a stack.”

She also name-drops other hip hop celebs with lines like, “I feel like Diddy, Tobe Biggie, we notorious” and “I ain’t Kim, Tobe can’t ever go Kanye!”

“Fye Fye” marks the end of a brief hiatus for Tobe, after he and Fat announced their third child was on the way this March. The Texas native made waves last year with his Cincoriginals project, which featured the likes of Black Thought, Royce Da 5’9”, Big KRIT, D Smoke, Bun B, Duckwrth and more.


Watch the “Fye Fye” video below:

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