Tink confronts a straying lover in “Cut it Out” video

From her new project, ‘Hopeless Romantic.’

Tink has released a new music video for “Cut it Out,” a track from her Valentine’s Day project, Hopeless Romantic.

The video opens with Tink looking glamorous for a photoshoot. She takes an interview with a journalist, who catches the eye of Tink’s boyfriend. Tink confronts him, though he ultimately doesn’t learn his lesson.

The clip supplies a simple backstory for the straight-talking, melodic R&B track. “I don’t wanna be with a man, if he ain’t gon’ have my interest / I don’t want your love anymore ’cause you don’t take this serious,” Tink sings. “I don’t wanna talk things out, I’ve already heard your story / It’s the same old lies / You know you n***as ain’t right, gotta cut you out of my life.”


Besides “Cut it Out,” Hopeless Romantic also includes the tracks “Fuck Around” and “Cum Get it.” Watch Tink’s new video here:

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