Timo teaches the “Rules” of street life on new song

A cut from the upcoming Only the Family compilation, ‘Loyal Bros.’

Timo has released a video for his new single, “Rules,” which previews a new compilation by Lil Durk-led label Only the Family.

In the Crown So Heavy-directed clip, the Chicago native plays a teacher who educates viewers about the quintessential tenets of street life. “Rule number four, look out the window every time you leave out of the door / You better know every car on your block, don’t be stupid, these bitches be sending out low / Rule number five, pay attention to everything yo homie say when that n***a be mad,” he spits.

In the clip, Timo also sports the chain of his record label, Only the Family, which is helmed by Lil Durk. “Rules” will serve as the lead single from the label’s forthcoming compilation, Loyal Bros.


The label released their first compilation project, Only the Family Involved, Vol 1, back in 2018 and quickly followed it up with Vol 2 the same year. In 2019, the label released yet another compilation, Family Over Everything.

Watch the video for “Rules” below:

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