Tierra Whack returns with two new songs

Check out “Peppers and Onions” and “Feel Good” here.

Tierra Whack has returned with two new songs: “Peppers and Onions” and “Feel Good.”

On “Peppers and Onions,” produced by musical duo Pop & Oak, Whack comes clean about her imperfections over a light-hearted beat built around clicking tongues and whistles. “I’m not perfect, just a person / I’m only human, yeah / Sometimes happy, sometimes nervous,” she rap-sings on the chorus.

Meanwhile, “Feel Good” takes the earlier playfulness down a notch, featuring a dreamy piano-driven track that unspools into a melancholic mess. “Fake smiles never had me sold / Even in the summer, my heart cold / Whack, why you always be so bold? / Holidays just keep gettin’ old,” the Philadelphia rapper laments.


Whack’s new songs arrived hot on the heels of her quirky single “Dora,” which arrived at the end of last month. Earlier this year, the rapper dropped an informal track inspired by self-isolation titled “Stuck.” Her last album, Whack World, arrived in 2018.

Listen to Whack’s new songs below.

“Peppers and Onions”:


“Feel Good”:

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