Tierra Whack returns with quirky new “Dora” video

A colorful clip inspired by children’s programming on public television.

Tierra Whack has made her return with a quirky video for her new track, “Dora.”

The Philadelphia rapper teamed up with director and conceptual artist Alex Da Corte for the colorful clip, which includes stop-motion animation and appearances from The Muppets and Garfield. In her verses, Whack morphs into an M&M and a centaur.

“When I go to sleep, Gucci sheets now / Goin’ out to eat, don’t eat no meat now / Yeah we from the streets, you get a beat-down / Skin tanned ’cause we livin’ on the beach now,” she casually raps over production by Teo Halm and Frank Dukes.


In a statement, Da Corte explained that the clip was inspired by public television children’s programming: “On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers testified before the Senate Committee in defense of federal funding for children’s Public Broadcasting. He said, ‘If we in public television can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, we will have done a great service for mental health.’ In the same year, puppeteer Jim Henson and his Muppets developed the children’s educational program Sesame Street.”

“Fifty-one years later, Tierra and myself still feel it is urgent to find a way to speak to our feelings through music and pictures,” Da Corte added. “Thinking of the ways in which Aretha Franklin, Fred Rogers and Jim Henson navigated the world through good times and bad times with determined positivity was deeply inspiring to me during the making of this video. To make Tierra laugh was in some ways the best I could do on the hardest of days.”

“Dora” is Whack’s first single of the year, though she did release an informal track inspired by self-isolation earlier this year. Last year, she dropped a string of standalone songs, including “Unemployed,” “Wasteland” and “Gloria.” Her debut effort, Whack World, was released two years ago.


Step back into Whack’s world with the “Dora” clip here:

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