Tierra Whack calls out her “Clones”

Don’t bite her style or steal her flow.

With her acclaimed 2018 album Whack World, Tierra Whack established herself as a singular presence in hip hop. Now she’s released a new song, “Clones,” calling out those who try to rip off her style and flow. It comes just a week after she dropped “Only Child.”

The new cut starts off lighthearted with the sound of someone sneezing, to which Whack says, “Let’s keep that. I’m serious, don’t delete that!” But when she mocks imitators, she sounds serious: “N***a try to take my flow / Who the hell he think he is? I just wanna make my dough / Gotta take care of my kids.”

True to Whack form, though, she sprinkles a layer of humorous irony over everything—namely by literally exclaiming “Ad lib!” as, well, an ad lib.


Hear “Clones” here:

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