TI ’fesses up on “The Amazing Mr F**k Up”

Featuring singer-songwriter Victoria Monet.

TI has released a new song, “The Amazing Mr F**k Up,” off his forthcoming album Dime Trap.

It features Victoria Monet, whom TI has worked with in the past on songs like “Stay” and “Live on Tonight.” She supplies a chorus so lustrous it belies her disappointment: ”It’s amazing how you hurt me so / How could you do this again?”

Meanwhile, Tip spends the song owning up to the times he’s done his partner wrong, and berating himself for his stupidity. “Man, you really fucked that up, bro,” he says to himself at one point. “I tell you, for a brilliant motherfucker, you plum dumb sometimes.”


“[This song] was the first time I’ve musically addressed the challenges and transgression I’ve had as a husband. I’ve always kind of shied away from speaking on those types of topics in my music,” TI explained to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

There’s still no release date for Dime Trap, but Tip himself said last week that it’s coming “freakishly soon.” In the meantime, stream “The Amazing Mr F**k Up” below:

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