The word “stan,” coined by Eminem, has officially entered the dictionary

Merriam-Webster has recognized the slang term for an obsessive fan.

Eminem probably didn’t know he was creating a whole new word when he released “Stan” in 2000, which was rapped from the point-of-view of an obsessive fan of Em’s named, well, Stan. Now, almost two decades after the song’s release, the word “stan” has become an everyday colloquialism—and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has finally recognized the rapper’s coinage.

Merriam-Webster announced yesterday that it had added more than 600 words to the dictionary this month, including “stan,” which it defines as “often disparaging” slang for “an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan” (in its noun form, that is—it can also be used as a verb). The dictionary also cites the The Marshall Mathers LP cut as the origin of “stan.”

It’s not everyday that a rapper gets recognized by the dictionary for linguistic innovation. Congrats, Em. Revisit the classic “Stan” below:


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