Terrell Hines taps Vince Staples for remix of “Get Up”

The latest off his debut, ‘Portal One: The Mixtape.’

Terrell Hines and Vince Staples have joined forces on a new remix of Hines’ 2019 track, “Get Up.”

On the rework, Hines and Staples swap lines about police brutality and the government. “Smile to your face but they all want somethin’ / Comin’ to your door, ’bout to take my money / Fuck the government ’cause they never gonna love me,” Hines raps on the chorus.

Later, Staples jumps in with a hard-hitting verse: “I say what I want I’m not PC / You know, Black folks killed when police please / Just seen one on the TV / Make about three this week.”

“It’s always good to get a vision out with other artists who want to live in a created space outside of the design we are currently in. I couldn’t have gotten a better collab than Vince Staples,” Hines said of the song in a statement. “I’ve always enjoyed and respected his work. He brought a certain energy to the record that only he could bring.”


The remix of “Get Up” is set to appear on Hines’ debut mixtape, Portal One: The Mixtape, which arrives August 7. Listen to the remix of “Get Up” below:


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