Ten hottest hip hop videos: October 2020

Our favorite picks this month include Mulatto, Megan Thee Stallion and clipping.

Another month, another roundup of the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past four weeks. Here are our picks for the October edition:

“Don’t Stop” by Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug

Hold on tight for a wild ride through Megan Thee Stallion’s zany video for “Don’t Stop,” featuring Young Thug. The visual features the two rappers in a variety of eccentric costumes, from Thugger showing up as Edward Scissorhands to Meg as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Of course, the video was the work of Colin Tilley, who also helmed the blockbuster MV for Megan’s collaboration with Cardi B, “WAP.”

“Jealous” by YG


YG is back again to take shots at his number one nemesis: President Donald Trump. This time, the rapper has enlisted a POTUS impersonator who parties and makes it rain in the ‘Oval Office.’ But the clip isn’t just plain mockery: Towards the end, the words “Go Vote” flash brightly on screen to remind viewers of their obligation during the upcoming November 3 election.

“Main Attraction” by Junglepussy

In our socially distanced times, music videos with solo performers and lots of effects to keep things interesting are a dime a dozen. With her clip for “Main Attraction,” Junglepussy has perfected the form. Sure, anyone can put on bold makeup, striking contact lenses and edgy ’fits, but the charisma of Shayna McHayle can’t be copied. Prepare for faux retro edits and scenes of the rapper showing off her splits in front of the computer.

Mach’s Hard Lemonade by Mach-Hommy


Beyoncé made the visual album Lemonade in 2016, and four years later Mach-Hommy has dropped a feast for the eyes all his own: Mach’s Hard Lemonade. The mysterious rapper from New Jersey, who’s part of the woozy lo-fi rap scene also led by Earl Sweatshirt and MIKE, has cooked up a short film that shares a title with the album he dropped exclusively on TIDAL in August. Its description sums up its enigmatic narrative as such: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, spike it, then sell it.”

“In n Out” by Mulatto, City Girls

Craving something sweet? Mulatto and City Girls have you covered with their delicious video for “In n Out.” The trio bring the party to an old-school ice cream parlor called Latto’s in the quirky video, complete with neon lights and waitresses on roller skates. Elsewhere in the visual, Mulatto and her crew host a porch party with her girlfriends, where they play hopscotch and jump rope.

“Snitch” by Joyner Lucas

To snitch or not to snitch? That is the question in Joyner Lucas’ latest Evolution visual, which follows a group of drug dealers who are arrested and brought in for questioning by the police. The rapper plays the role of both the bad cop and good cop, urging one of the suspects to snitch on the rest of his gang members. Want to know which side succeeded? Then you’ll have to watch the video for yourself.

“Favorite N***a” by Reason

Reason’s New Beginnings cut has gotten a Purge-inspired visual treatment. The grim clips opens on the Top Dawg Entertainment rapper in a restroom, as he rips off his disguise and washes blood off his hands. Later, he cruises through a crime-filled city, witnessing a robbery and other heinous acts on the streets, before arriving at an empty roadside to bury the dead body in his trunk.

“So Done” by The Kid LAROI

Not all break-ups are easy, and The Kid LAROI knows it. In the video for his latest song “So Done,” the Australian rapper does everything he can to try to forget an old flame. But wherever he goes, he encounters his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend—even on board a plane to take the rapper out of town. Eventually, LAROI stops running away from his problems and returns to the place where they first met to find closure.

“Enlacing,” “Pain Everyday” by clipping.

This compelling eight-minute double video for “Enlacing” and “Pain Everyday” follows clipping. rapper Daveed Diggs walking through the streets and back alleys of a city while followed by various performers in strange costumes. They range from athletic contemporary dancers to mysterious models with futuristic costumes and body modifications, all of whom also appear in their own scenes interspersed throughout the visual.

“Aim for the Moon” by Pop Smoke, Quavo

Before his untimely demise, Pop Smoke was tipped to seize New York’s rap throne. So it’s no coincidence that his estate have turned the posthumous video for his Quavo collaboration “Aim for the Moon” into a homage to another NYC legend: The Notorious BIG, whose 1997 video for “Sky’s the Limit” this clip emulates. The starring role of Pop is played by another young hip-hop striver from New York: 12-year-old Bouba Savage.

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