Ten hottest hip hop videos: May 2020

Our favorite picks this month include Tkay Maidza, Migos and CupcakKe.

Another month, another roundup of the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past four weeks. Here are our picks for the May edition:

“Yoga” by 645AR

If the squeaky falsetto raps didn’t already convince you of 645AR’s strangeness, the “Yoga” video should seal the deal. In the eye-popping clip, an adorable pink creature called Flexo-19 gives the mask-wearing rapper a taste of another bizarre, glitched-out dimension. When your vision has returned to normal, process the indiscriminate references to Disney and Men in Black—then watch it again.

“Lights On” by D Smoke, SiR


Rhythm & Flow winner D Smoke and Top Dawg Entertainment crooner SiR are brothers, but that’s not the most interesting thing about their collaboration, “Lights On.” The accompanying clip for the single, from Smoke’s Black Habits project, stars Insecure’s Issa Rae as an exotic dancer escaping her place of work under a hail of gunfire. Why the chaotic exit? Watch the video, which plays out in reverse, to find out.

“Shook” by Tkay Maidza

Take the iconic fashion style of TLC, mix it with Missy Elliott-inspired verses and what have you got? Tkay Maidza’s video for “Shook.” The Australian rapper channels Elliot’s iconic flow on the braggadocious track, spitting about leaving people “shook” with her talent while bringing the ’90s feel to life with crop tops, baggy pants and bandana headbands.

“Racks 2 Skinny” by Migos


Over the past weeks, Migos have been dropping loosies to whet fans’ appetites for their quarantine mixtape. One standout is “Racks 2 Skinny,” whose glinting production—courtesy of DJ Durel—helps the trio catch new wind. The rappers show off their larger-than-life personalities in the video, in which Quavo raps in a dressing room, Offset spits from atop a vending machine, and Takeoff plays with cash from a luxe couch.

“Grilling N***as” and “Lawd Jesus” by CupcakKe

Don’t underestimate CupcakKe. The Chicago rapper doesn’t need a flashy visual treatment to accentuate her outrageous bars, but it certainly doesn’t hurt: In the double-video for “Grilling N***as” and “Lawd Jesus,” CupcakKe prepares to literally grill the remains of an unsuspecting man in her impressive mansion, and then hypes herself up while flaunting couture outfits.

“BB (Bodybag)” by slowthai

British rapper slowthai’s video for “BB (Bodybag)” begins with a tense, circular standoff at gunpoint—and escalates from there. The clip flashes through arresting scenes worthy of the sinister, James Blake-sampling production. From a mask made entirely of cigarettes to a risky game with a knife to coerced dental surgery with pliers, the “BB (Bodybag)” video isn’t for the squeamish.

“Wunna” by Gunna

For the visual for “Wunna,” the title track of Gunna’s new sophomore album, the rapper returns to Jamaica where the LP was recorded. Director Spike Jordan follows Gunna as he seeks shelter from the tropical heat in a gorgeous, sprawling villa that’s filled with even more gorgeous women. When he’s not kicking it back with the ladies, Gunna escapes to the backyard to smoke up with some friends. Not a bad way to spend isolation, TBH.

“Don’t Hit Me Right Now” by Dreamville

Director Tyler Sobel-Mason’s vision for Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III cut “Don’t Hit Me Right Now” is simple: pack some of the hottest young rappers into luxurious spaces and slap on a ton of mind-bending special FX. The result is a surreal masterpiece that deserves a second—or third—watch, just to catch what other editing trickery you might’ve missed the first time round.

“Bloody Valentine” by Machine Gun Kelly

Imagine being trapped in a mansion with a beautiful woman. Sounds like a dream, yes? Sadly that isn’t the case in Machine Gun Kelly’s chaotic “Bloody Valentine” visual. Megan Fox stars as the obsessive girlfriend who takes the rapper as her hostage, forcing him to have dinner with her and play her songs, among other things. At one point, she even electrocutes him while in the bathtub. It’s a tough life for MGK, at least in the romance department.

“Wassup” by Lil Uzi Vert, Future

Lyric videos usually aren’t all that interesting, but Lil Uzi Vert and Future have raised the bar with their visual for “Wassup.” The rappers use deepfake technology in the bizarre clip to conjure a chorus of Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump, Kanye West and more over a Zoom call. On the other hand, the verses feature the duo’s faces superimposed over famous historical figures, including George Washington, Mona Lisa, Neil Armstrong and many more.

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