Ten hottest hip hop videos: July 2020

Our favorite picks this month include City Girls, Flo Milli and YG.

Another month, another roundup of the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past four weeks. Here are our picks for the July edition:

“Like This” by G Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert

Here’s a technicolored visual to match the high-spirited collaboration that is “Like This.” Decked out in stylish, glowing clothes, G Herbo and Lil Uzi Vert take turns spitting their hard-hitting lines on a neon-lit set. It’s a relatively typical setup: the rappers are surrounded by a group of sexy women, they make it rain, they dance and change into new outfits every other second. But the addition of trippy edits, such as dizzying infrared-light effects and dramatic lightning bolts, make “Like This” a feast for the eyes.

“Love in My Pocket” by Rich Brian


“I couldn’t go on tour this year, so I ran out of budget for VFX on this video lol,” Rich Brian writes at the beginning of the “Love in My Pocket” visual, before it cuts to the Indonesian rapper—looking dapper in a maroon suit—in front of a green screen. The best part of “Love in My Pocket,” though, isn’t the actual video itself, but the fan edits it gave us. Brian’s label 88rising has compiled fanmade clips featuring the rapper in a slew of bizarre yet hilarious scenarios, from starring in Crazy Rich Asians to landing in a Minecraft game.

“West Ten” by AJ Tracey, Mabel

British duo AJ Tracey and Mabel ooze charisma in the video for “West Ten,” their UK garage collaboration. When you’re not being dazzled by the neon lights and strobes or charmed by the cats making the luxury vehicle their lounge spot, look out for the reference to Tracey’s hit song “Ladbroke Grove” embedded in the set design.

“Pussy Talk” by City Girls, Doja Cat


“Pussy Talk” is a standard City Girls visual—so expect loads of booty-shaking and glamorous outfits. Directed by Daps, the video follows JT, Yung Miami and guest star Doja Cat as they strut around a bleak office in leotards and fishnet stockings, asserting their dominance over a booming Southside-produced beat. Later, the ladies head to a jungle, wearing matching gold jumpsuits and bejeweled kitty ears to boot.

“Like That Bitch” by Flo Milli

Flo Milli’s star power rolls off her like waves—that’s evident from her brand-new EP Ho, Why is You Here? and the video for “Like That Bitch.” Armed with an array of vibrant, eye-catching looks and oversized props, the rapper handles the clip solo, spitting her instantly memorable bars (“I’m ’bout to get married and you already know that Benjamin Franklin the groom”) and reminding you she’s not to be trifled with.

“Swag” by YG

YG honors civil rights activist and former NFL star Colin Kaepernick in his video for “Swag,” which also pays tribute to Black culture. Joined by fellow rappers Tyga and Snoop Dogg, YG dons an afro wig and dances to the upbeat song while bragging about his riches. “Hop in the whip and I smash / On the way to the bag,” he spits. At one point, the Compton rapper even transforms himself into a member of the Black Panthers.

“Wishing Well” by Juice WRLD

Go on a trippy journey through a fantastical world with the late Juice WRLD in the animated video for “Wishing Well,” a cut from the rapper’s posthumous album, Legends Never Die. In the clip, Juice discovers a magical well, which shrinks him down to the size of an ant. He also encounters anthropomorphic emojis and is eventually abducted by aliens who transport him back to his lavish mansion.

“Black 2” by Buddy

Buddy delivers some hard truths in the lyrics of “Black 2,” rapping about racism, cultural appropriation and his own West Coast upbringing. But the music video takes its cues from the song’s infectious production, visualizing the song’s references to Malcolm X and Spike Lee plus its enumerated stereotypes at a zippy pace. The clip ends with scenes to remember: Buddy alternately swag-surfing and throwing up the Black Power fist with a troupe of dancers.

“Stuntin’ on You” by Tyla Yaweh, DaBaby

Live vicariously through Tyla Yaweh and DaBaby, who become newly minted millionaires in their video for “Stuntin’ on You.” The clip opens with the duo hitting the jackpot, winning $50 million from a scratchcard. To celebrate, they go on a massive shopping spree, purchasing everything from diamond-encrusted watches to luxury chains, and even twin Lamborghinis. The rappers also build a room with walls that are literally made of cash.

“Time’s Up” by Sampa the Great, Krown

Australian rapper Sampa the Great and director Sanjay de Silva went full ’90s for the video for “Time’s Up,” featuring Krown. The charismatic, colorful clip for the cut from Sampa’s 2019 album The Return nods to videos by the likes of Tupac, Busta Rhymes and De La Soul, which all serve to hammer home their point about racism in the music industry.

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