Ten hottest hip hop videos: February 2020

Our favorite picks this month include Saweetie, Lil Nas X and Aminé.

Another month, another roundup of the hottest new hip hop clips that have dropped over the past four weeks. Here are our picks for February’s edition:

“Sway With Me” by Saweetie, GALXARA

With “Sway With Me,” Saweetie and GALXARA have turned Dean Martin’s big band classic “Sway” into a sassy girl-powered anthem that slides perfectly into the pop-punk world of director Cathy Yan’s anti-heroine flick, Birds of Prey. So it’s only fitting that their feisty remake received a bold visual. In the clip, the duo run amok, wreaking havoc across town in eye-catching, rainbow-colored outfits.

Unlocked by Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats


Earlier this month, Denzel Curry and producer Kenny Beats dropped Unlocked, a surprise joint album they recorded over three breakneck sessions in the studio. Also released was a short film for the entire eight-track project in which the dynamic duo brave the digital wilderness to retrieve the leaked files for their collaboration. Set aside 23 minutes of your day for this entertaining watch, which boasts an impressive range of illustration and animation styles.

“Rodeo” by Lil Nas X, Nas

Here’s a summary of Lil Nas X’s video for his “Rodeo” remix: Blade meets “Thriller.” Instead of turning out yet another spaghetti Western-themed video for the other cowboy-centric song on his 7 EP, Lil Nas subverted expectations, mining fantasy and sci-fi inspirations for this cinematic new clip. He even managed to squeeze in a Matrix reference, thanks to his featured guest—and artistic namesake—Nas.

“Believe” by Meek Mill, Justin Timberlake


Meek Mill and Justin Timberlake aim to send a powerful message about pursuing your dreams with the video for their latest collaboration, “Believe.” Directed by Maxime Quoilin, the cinematic clip follows the story of a young woman who becomes inspired to take up boxing after her father, a former boxer, is arrested and thrown into jail. The video ends with a verse from the Bible that promises “your redemption is coming.”

“Revenge” by Joyner Lucas

“It’s a fuckin’ murder spree,” Joyner Lucas declares on his latest ADHD single, “Revenge.” And that’s what exactly ensues in the accompanying nine-minute clip, which is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and thrills. Posing as a bartender and a limousine driver, the rapper executes a bloody revenge plan on his former associates after they betray him during a bank heist.

“Fkn Around” by Phony Ppl, Megan Thee Stallion

Sparks fly—both literally and figuratively—in Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion’s steamy video for “Fkn Around.” In the clip, the hip hop collective get to work in a neon-lit auto shop, while the Houston rapper heads to a car wash where she catches the eye of an attractive employee. Phony Ppl later join Megan in the car wash, where they throw a lit dance party.

“Give No Fxk” by Migos, Young Thug, Travis Scott

If you get queasy easily, or suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, you should give the head-spinning video for “Give No Fxk” a miss. Viewers have to wonder about the clip’s effects budget, which must have matched the star quality of the rappers behind the track: Migos, Young Thug and Travis Scott, only three of the most influential hip hop acts today. Motion trails, fisheye shots and slick animation abound in the video, making for a hypnotizing watch.

“Ignorantes” by Bad Bunny, Sech

Bad Bunny and Sech highlight the trials and tribulations of a relationship in their video for “Ignorantes.” The visual follows the up and downs couples face, from the bad fights and break-ups to quiet moments alone in the bedroom. Meanwhile, Bunny and Sech trade lines while enclosed in claustrophobic boxes filled with water.

“Try Again” by Pi’erre Bourne

Take a peek at Pi’erre Bourne’s surreal world in his video for “Try Again.” In the clip, the rapper gets abducted by aliens, who erase all traces of his existence on Earth, and transport him to another planet that’s eerily similar to ours—though everything’s filtered through a purple hue. Later in the visual, Bourne is sent into an old-school video game, where he runs across rooftops to collect stacks of cash.

“Shimmy” by Aminé

Aminé is a proud Portlander and it shows. In the visual for his latest single “Shimmy,” the rapper pays homage to his Oregon hometown with a scenic tour of the city’s finest spots. Accompanied by his boys, Aminé takes a drive through Woodland Park, hangs out at the Convention Center rooftop and gets high on Burnside Bridge. At one point, the rapper even goes mountain-climbing as, you know, most Portland natives usually do.

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