Teejayx6 plays a “swiping expert” in video for “Workout”

From his ‘Black Air Force Activity 1’ mixtape.

Teejayx6 provides one-on-one scam training in his new video for “Workout.”

The scam-rap upstart explains the way of the “swipe” in a clip that resembles a fitness trainer ad. “Got a new bank account, ’bout to drop 24 / How you livin’ with ya mama, boy, and you’re 24? / Grow up, get yourself together / For real, you gotta do better,” he spits.

“Workout” is a cut from Teejayx6’s 2019 Black Air Force Activity 1 mixtape, which featured an appearance from Kasher Quon. The rapper kicked off the year with his aptly titled 2020 EP.


Watch the video for “Workout” below:

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