Tee Grizzley unveils riveting video for “We Dreamin”

Off his recent mixtape, ‘Still My Moment.’

Tee Grizzley continues to promote his latest mixtape, Still My Moment, with a Diego-directed video for the motivational standout, “We Dreamin.”

The clip opens calmly with Grizzley standing on a rooftop, gazing into the distance as a piano tinkles in the background. But as soon as the beat kicks in, the Detroit rapper gets straight into business, rapping about his struggles while growing up. “All my peoples on the yard or in the grave, n***a (What else?) / If you ain’t out here getting paid, you in the way, n***a,” he spits.

In between cuts of Grizzley’s performance, we see an action-packed story unfold: An aspiring young rapper unknowingly gets involved in a drug deal, which eventually puts his life in danger. However, there’s a moral to the tale: never give up. “I come from motherfuckin’ starvin’ and fiendin’ (N***a) / Now the guts on that Bentley truck creamish (Skrrt) / Showed my brother two million dollars, he got to screamin’ (Ah),” Grizzley raps on the chorus.


Check out the video below:

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