Tee Grizzley drops romantic MV for “More than Friends”

The latest visual from ‘Scriptures.’

Tee Grizzley just wants to treat his girl right in his new video for “More than Friends.”

In the clip, produced by 20K Media Group, the rapper showers his significant other with compliments and expensive gifts, including a giant necklace with “Grizzley Gang” engraved on the medallion. “I buy her Chanel, I know she got dues and I ain’t tryna get outshined / But I ain’t gon’ force it, let it come natural, Imma really take my time,” Grizzley sings.

“More than Friends” is a cut from Grizzley’s sophomore record, Scriptures, which also includes tracks like “Locked Up” and “Sweet Thangs.” Watch his new video here:


Unfamiliar with Tee Grizzley? Learn more about the Detroit rapper here.

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