Taylor Bennett releases “Streaming Services”

Chance the Rapper’s brother questions modern fame.

Taylor Bennett has released “Streaming Services,” a vibey song with serious questions about fame and success today.

“Does it really make you feel like a rock star / When every single streaming record hits the top charts?” he asks in the chorus. “When every time you meet and greet her she’s a hot thot / And when you need to take a breather it’s a drop top.” The song also features Melo Makes Music and ZXXK.

Bennett—who’s Chance the Rapper’s younger brother, and a musician in his own right—recorded the song “to educate the world on independent artist struggles to navigate through an industry built on their own creativity,” he explained in the track’s SoundCloud description. “Years later, [we] still [have] little to no understanding of how to distribute and collect funds from our own product.”


Listen to the song below:

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