Tay-K pleads not guilty to murder as trial begins

The teen rapper faces 40 years in jail if convicted.

Rapper Tay-K, real name Taylor McIntyre, is faced with a capital murder charge that stems from a 2016 home invasion, which resulted in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the rapper has pleaded not guilty the murder, but has pleaded guilty to two other charges of aggravated robbery.

During McIntyre’s trial, which began earlier this week, the rapper’s defense attorney Jeff Kearney told jurors that “Tay agreed to participate in the robbery” and has “accepted responsibility.” However, Kearney claims that there isn’t enough evidence to support his client’s involvement in the killing of Walker. 

He later added that McIntyre could not anticipate that his accomplice, Latharian Merritt, was “going to go in and […] intentionally kill Ethan Walker.” If found guilty, McIntyre faces 40 years behind bars. Merritt, on the other hand, was convicted last May and sentenced to life in prison.


According to the prosecution, the rapper, Merritt and two other friends allegedly robbed Walker’s residence in Mansfield, Texas back in July 2016. Walker died from being shot in the stomach while his roommate Zachary Beloate suffered a gunshot wound to the arm. McIntyre was only 16 years of age at the time. 

Aside from the ongoing murder allegations, McIntyre is also awaiting trials for two other alleged crimes that occurred in Texas. The rapper is apparently connected to a shooting case from April 2017 and a robbery case from May the same year.

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