Takeoff travels to outer space in “Casper” MV

He journeys through the galaxies in a Rolls-Royce (yep).

Takeoff continues the intergalactic theme in “Casper,” the latest visual from his debut album, The Last Rocket.

Set in the year 2092, the futuristic Gabriel Hart-directed clip follows the Migos rapper as he travels to outer space in a flying Rolls-Royce. “Imma ghost ride the Wraith / Imma ghost ride like I’m from the Bay,” he spits. “You better watch your bae / Better off doin’ what Simon say.”

But of course, even miles away from Earth, Takeoff still manages to find twerking women, who join him on his space odyssey. They eventually land on a massive meteor where they hit jackpot with a massive diamond discovery.  

Watch it all go down below:  

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