Stream G-Eazy’s new single, “Nostalgia Cycle”

‘Everything’s Strange Here’ is imminent.

G-Eazy has shared “Nostalgia Cycle,” a new single from his upcoming album, Everything’s Strange Here.

Similar to his previous cuts from the album, the song features G-Eazy’s soft singing instead of his usual rapping. On “Nostalgia Cycle,” co-produced by Christopher Anderson and Petey, the Bay Area musician croons about the past.

“I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets / The way the drugs would feel when they were hard to get / The problem is simple, nostalgia cycle / My mind is in a fight against the time that I have left,” he sings hauntingly.

Everything’s Strange Here is scheduled for release tomorrow, June 26, and will feature the previously released song, “Free Porn Cheap Drugs.” It’s currently unknown if the tracks G-Eazy has released in the past few weeks, such as “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” the rework of “Love is Gone” and “Stan by Me,” will appear on the LP.


Listen to “Nostalgia Cycle” below:


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