Stream Dua Saleh’s new EP, ‘Rosetta’

It follows their latest single, “Body Cast.”

Minneapolis artist Dua Saleh’s latest EP, Rosetta, is finally out now.

Executive produced by Psymun, the six-track record features the previously released single, “Hellbound.” It also includes a new song “Smut,” on which the Sudanese-American rapper sing in Arabic for the first time ever, Pitchfork notes.

According to a press release, Saleh’s new record was inspired by and named for rock ’n’ roll legend Sister Rosetta Tharpe, with whom Saleh shares many “parallels.” “Like Dua, Sister Rosetta Tharpe wasn’t afraid of violating taboos or religious dogma,” the statement read.


“Tharpe wowed both churches and juke joints with distorted guitar stylings and a flamboyant stage presence. And though she was married several times, she was known to have had romantic relationships with women. Dua draws a parallel to Tharpe with their own biography of growing up queer in a strict Muslim household.”

Rosetta arrived hot on the heels of Saleh’s latest single, “Body Cast.” The song was released in response to the death of George Floyd in their home city of Minneapolis. Proceeds from the track go towards the Minnesota organization Black Visions Collective.

Stream Saleh’s latest EP below:


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