Stormzy reflects on his hard-won success on “Crown”

A weighty new single.

Stormzy has released “Crown,” a weighty new single from his highly anticipated sophomore album.

With tinkling piano, a gospel choir and its pensive chorus, this new track is a far cry from previous, swaggering single, “Vossi Bop.” This single finds the English rapper reflecting on what he’s overcome to find the success he has today—and the naysayers and obstacles that still stand in his way.

“Bruddas wanna break me down, I can’t take it / I done a scholarship for the kids, they said it’s racist / That’s not anti-white, it’s pro-black / Hang me out to dry, I won’t crack,” he spits. Last year, the grime don launched a scholarship for two black students to attend Cambridge University—an educational initiative he said Oxford University turned down, though the institution disputed his claim.


Stormzy wrote an emotional note on Instagram to announce the song’s release: “I’ve been struggling to find words to describe how much this song means to me… Struggling to explain exactly why I felt the need to say what I’ve said on the record… And can’t quite summarise the journey of emotions the song takes me on when I listen back to it.”

Stream “Crown” here:


And watch Stormzy perform the song in an official live video below:

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