Spillage Village drop star-studded remix of “Baptize”

“Baptized” features Deante’ Hitchcock, Erick the Architect, IDK and more.

Spillage Village have released a star-studded remix of “Baptize.”

The new rendition, titled “Baptized,” swaps out the song’s original featured artists—EarthGang, JID and Ant Clemmons—for brand-new verses by Erick the Architect, Deante’ Hitchcock, Flatbush Zombies’ Zombie Juice, IDK and Hollywood JB. However, EarthGang’s Johnny Venus still handles the track’s chorus.

While the original version delved into religious themes, the updated rendition lets the guest rappers explore various subject matter, from social justice to police brutality. “If the police shoot me down, burn this bitch to the ground / Fuck all that Martin Luther shit, these n***as emptyin’ rounds,” Hitchcock spits.


“Baptize” appeared on Spilligion, the Atlanta-based supergroup’s major label debut which was released last year. The record also featured songs such as “Hapi” with Big Rube and “End of Daze.”

Listen to “Baptized (Remix)” below:

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