Soulja Boy claps back at Tyga with his own “Thotiana” freestyle

Along with two other diss tracks.

The saga between Young Drako and T-Raww continues. Just a day after Tyga dissed Soulja Boy in his “Thotiana” freestyle, the self-proclaimed “godfather of hip hop” has hit back with not one, but three songs that take aim at the “Girls Have Fun” rapper.

The first is Soulja’s own “Thotiana” freestyle. Over the simple Scum Beats-produced melody, the rapper drops hard-hitting bars that mock Tyga’s recent altercation at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party. “Smoke dope, smoke dope, got big ass / Pull up drop top that’s a paper tag / He got dragged out the club by a security, I know he big mad,” Soulja spits.

Elsewhere on the track, Young Drako also references his own alleged affair with Tyga’s ex-fiancé Blac Chyna: “N***as don’t want drama / Word around town, I fucked his baby mama / Yeah, kaboom, with your son in the other room.”


An hour later, Soulja released the second diss freestyle, “Pressure,” featuring Go Yayo. A little more menacing this time, the rapper continues to tear Tyga apart and also takes a shot at his longtime frenemy DJ Akademiks (“Real street n***a, pull up on Akademiks”).

Soulja’s onslaught concludes with “What’s a Tyga to a Lion,” another fiery number where he claims “Tyga diss me, he won’t do that again.” The track ends off with audio snippets from Young Drako’s viral The Breakfast Club interview, which includes the highly meme-d line, “N***as wanna talk about Tyga? Tyga?!”

However, Tyga seems relatively unbothered by the series of verbal assaults. The rapper recently posted on Instagram a photo of himself chilling by the pool with the caption, “Hey Alexa… play ‘Thotiana’ Tyga diss by Soulja Boy.”


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“Hey Alexa…play Thotiana Tyga diss by Soulja boy “

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Whose side of this beef are you on? Listen to all of Soulja’s new Tyga diss tracks below and decide:

“Thotiana” freestyle:

“Pressure” freestyle:

“What’s a Tyga to a Lion”:

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