Snow tha Product returns with fiery track “Tell You Like This”

The track also arrives with a badass visual treatment.

Snow tha Product has returned with a fiery track called “Tell You Like This.”

On the track, the Bay Area rapper blows off haters with fierce lines over Andersc’s infectious production. The smoke-filled clip matches Snow’s menacing energy, with shots of her and her crew wearing creepy masks and riding on four-wheelers.

“Post how you the realest but you know it’s different / Say you got them dividends, talking ’bout them Benjamins / I ain’t even gonna violate and talk ’bout what I lent / But uh, keep my name out your bitch ass mouth / Sure there’s other ways you can get that clout,” she spits.


“Tell You Like This” is the latest single from Snow, following “No Really, Im Good,”00 “Confleis (No Soy Santa)” and “Really Counts.” Snow is also currently working on her next full-length project, Valemadre, although a release date has yet to be announced.

Watch the video for “Tell You Like This” below:

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