Snow tha Product drops video for “How I Do it”

She also released a homemade visual for “Nowhere To Go (Quarantine Love).”

Snow tha Product has dropped energetic videos for her new songs, “How I Do it” and “Nowhere To Go (Quarantine Love).”

On “How I Do it,” produced by Matee, the bilingual rapper switches effortlessly between English and Spanish as she pays homage to her Mexican heritage. “I meet a lot of people that be telling me how I’m so lucky that I got it made / I won’t consider myself anybody ’til Mexicans ain’t gotta work as the maid,” she spits. The accompanying clip features Snow as the manager of a large warehouse.

Meanwhile, the visual for “Nowhere To Go (Quarantine Love)” features Snow performing at home in different onesies while drinking champagne. “We gon’ get right, bottles all night / Give you this vibe and I hope you don’t mind / All I got is one thing on my mind / We ain’t gon’ have to go outside.”

Last year, the rapper dropped several loosies, such as “Petty,” “Butter” and “Say Bitch.” Watch her new videos below.


“How I Do it”:

“Nowhere To Go (Quarantine Love)”:


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