Smokepurpp, Lil Pump are office workers in “Off My Chest” video

A cut from Smokepurpp’s upcoming album, ‘Florida Jit.’

Smokepurpp and Lil Pump have released a video for their new collab, “Off My Chest.”

In the clip, the rappers wreak havoc in an old-school office, complete with vintage monitors and dull cubicle spaces, as they spit playful bars that reference the coronavirus and Justin Bieber. “I bust a nut, then tell her to fetch / This bitch got corona, I don’t want to see her / All these white hoes on my dick just like Bieber / I take a sixty and then had a seizure,” Pump spits.

The collaboration is the first taste of Smokepurpp’s recently announced sophomore album, Florida Jit, which arrives later this year. Last year, the rapper released his debut LP, Deadstar 2. Pump, on the other hand, recently teamed up with Anuel AA for their first-ever collaboration, “Illuminati.”


Watch the video for “Off My Chest” below:

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