Smokepurpp claims he wrote Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang”

Have these two friends turned on each other, or is this all for publicity?

Who wrote the rap earworm of 2017 and Lil Pump’s hugest hit to date, “Gucci Gang”? Well, fellow SoundCloud rapper—and longtime associate of Pump’s—Smokepurpp is saying he did.

Smokepurpp—who featured heavily on Pump’s self-titled 2017 album—claimed via Instagram stories that he “wrote and produced all [of Pump’s] first songs.”

“I’m not playing with you no more, n***a. I need all my royalties, man. I need all my money, n***a. ‘Gucci Gang,’ that was my song, n***a. I gave you that song. I gave you your first big hit,” he said.


Pump responded, saying that not only did he write “Gucci Gang”— “That’s my flow, that’s my song!”—he also helped Smokepurpp build his profile in the music industry by introducing him to people like Ronny J, DJ Carnage, and Travis Scott.

Perhaps this is a real dispute over the provenance of “Gucci Gang,” but rap fans would be wise to take this apparent beef with a pinch of salt: After all, Pump does have a new album out he has to promote.

Revisit “Gucci Gang” below:


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