Smino honors ‘Friday,’ ballroom culture in “Trina” MV

He competes in the “first annual Underwater Playas Ball.”

Smino has released a comedic video for his new single, “Trina.”

While the track pays tribute to Miami-born rapper Trina, the clip nods to the 1995 comedy film Friday and pays homage to ballroom culture. The visual opens on the rapper and his friends getting chased off a neighbor’s lawn as they head to the “first annual Underwater Playas Ball.”

At the competition, Smino and other contestants walk in their finest pimp outfits—complete with bright colors, feathers and fur coats—for the audience. The rapper earns 10s across the board from the judges and wins a giant trophy, but he suddenly wakes up on the lawn of his neighbor’s house, revealing it was all a dream.


“Trina” is Smino’s second solo release of the year, following August’s “Reverend.” Last week, he teamed up with Noname and Saba on “Häagen Dazs,” which they released under the moniker Ghetto Sage.

Watch the video for “Trina” below:

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