slowthai drops ‘Trainspotting’-inspired “Doorman” MV

Watch the UK rapper recreate iconic scenes from the Danny Boyle film.

Up-and-coming grime rapper slowthai pays homage to Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting in the video for his Mura Masa-produced single, “Doorman.”

Directed by frequent collaborator THE REST, the clip follows slowthai and his friends as they spend the night hitting up clubs. “Nicotine, can’t quit it / Two’s up, two’s down / You stub it out before I finish,” he yells over the punkish beat. The rapper and co go on to wreak havoc in apartment hallways, spar with doormen and run away in a taxi.

At one point, slowthai gets sucked into a toilet bowl—a reference to Trainspotting’s “The Worst Toilet in Scotland” scene—and plunges into the deep blue.


This isn’t the first time slowthai has paid tribute to cult films. Last year, the self-dubbed cinephile released the video for “North Lights,” which was inspired by classic flicks like The Shining, Blair Witch and A Clockwork Orange. “I appreciate film and stuff that’s visually pleasing,” he told Pitchfork in a 2018 interview. “I want each video to be a standalone piece, so if you played it with no sound you could still get the vibe and the feeling.”

Check out his video for “Doorman” below:

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