Sheff G shares video for “No Negotiations”

A cut from his upcoming project, ‘Proud of Me Now.’

Sheff G has shared a video for “No Negotiations,” a cut from his upcoming project, Proud of Me Now.

In the clip, the New York rapper and his posse head to an underground club, where they pop bottles and dance with models. The visual also captures Sheff buying jewelry at an exclusive store and getting takeout delivered to his luxury home.

“Look, step on my feet, bitch, we gon’ jump you / Spend like ten at Webster, Dior what I’m steppin’, my bag Louis V / Glocks with beams all up in his V, run up, you gon’ see / Heard of me, pussy, why you flexin’? Know you heard of me,” Sheff spits.


“No Negotiations” will appear on Sheff’s upcoming project, Proud of Me Now, alongside the previously released “Lights On.” The record, due out December 16, is the follow-up to the rapper’s July EP, Just 4 Y’all.

Watch the video for “No Negotiations” below:

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