Sheck Wes arrested on weapon and drug charges

Officials reportedly found a loaded firearm and marijuana inside the rapper’s vehicle.

On Wednesday morning, Sheck Wes was arrested in New York after officers discovered a loaded firearm and illicit substances inside his vehicle during a routine search.

According to TMZ, the rapper was initially pulled over at a traffic stop for having excessively tinted windows when authorities later found “a loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol in a bag, and a small amount of weed” in the car.

Wes and his two other passengers were reportedly charged with two felonies: one for criminal possession of a loaded firearm and the other for criminal possession of a weapon. Wes also received an additional violation for not having a driver’s license, TMZ reports.

Wes was released from custody the following day and provided a social media update saying, “the scouts not locked up wtf.” The rapper’s attorney Scott Leemon told TMZ that Wes was released on “his own recognizance, with no bail.”


Leemon added, “[Wes’] case was adjourned to August. During that period, we will conduct our own investigation into the charges.”

Last year, the “Mo Bamba” rapper faced charges for the alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend and R&B singer Justine Skye. However, Skye’s case against Wes was declined by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.

At the end of 2019, Wes starred in Kanye West’s debut theatrical piece, Nebuchadnezzar: A Kanye West Opera.


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