Shabazz Palaces release video for “Fast Learner”

‘The Don of Diamond Dreams’ arrives next month.

Ahead of their forthcoming album, The Don of Diamond Dreams, Shabazz Palaces have dropped a glittering video for lead single, “Fast Learner,” featuring Purple Tape Nate.

The visual, directed by frequent collaborator Stephan Gray, captures member and rapper Ishmael Butler working side-by-side in the studio with his son Lil Tracy, who’s an artist in his own right.

Back in 2018, Butler told Pitchfork about his artistic relationship with his son. “The funny thing is, I feel like I sound like him in some of my newer stuff that I’ve been making,” he said. “My daughters will tell you that he’s like a spitting image of me, or he moves like me, or he sounds like me. We are each other, in the literal way, but also artistically and also historically.”


Shabazz Palaces’ The Don of Diamond Dreams arrives April 17. Last year, they teamed up with clipping. for “Aquacode Databreaks.”

Watch the dreamy “Fast Learner” video below:

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