See YG dress up as Colin Kaepernick in video for “Swag”

Featuring cameos from Snoop Dogg and Tyga.

YG has released a video for “Swag,” featuring cameos from Snoop Dogg and Tyga.

In the clip, the Compton rapper pays tribute to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick by donning an afro wig and imitating his 2016 kneeling protest—a gesture that has since become symbolic of the fight against anti-Black racism and police brutality.

Elsewhere in the visual, YG dances to the fun track with fellow Californians Tyga and Snoop Dogg, alongside a group of kids and women. “Hunnids drippin’ Scottie Pippen / Pay me bitch, or I’m dippin’ / Swagga different, no fucks givin’ / Hunnids blue, but I’m not Crippin’,” he spits.


Last month, YG released a video for the song “FTP” (short for “Fuck the Police”). Earlier this year, he also teamed up with Kehlani on the song “Konclusions.”

Watch the video for “Swag” below:


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