Saweetie hits the court in video for “Tap in”

From her forthcoming debut album, ‘Pretty Bitch Music.’

Saweetie has dropped a lavish video for her new single, “Tap in.”

In the neon-lit video, the Bay Area rapper hits the basketball court with her posse. Later in the clip, Saweetie shows off her fleet of luxury cars while brandishing a diamond-encrusted cane. The clip then ends with a message encouraging listeners to “Tap in” and register to vote.

“Given the political climate in America right now, I plan to do a lot of things, tapping-in to social issues, tapping into different things that are going on,” Saweetie told The Sacramento Bee. “I’m tapped-in to the culture and tapped-in to what America is going through right now. Yes, I’m releasing new music, but I’m also tapped-in to this political climate.”

“Tap in” will appear on Saweetie’s forthcoming debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, the follow-up to her Icy and High Maintenance EPs. The record is expected out later this year.


Watch the video for “Tap in” below:

Wanna know more about Saweetie? Tap in for all you need to know about the Bay Area rapper.


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