Saweetie channels a “Pissed” Khaleesi in ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired MV

Step aside Daenerys Targaryen, Icy Grl is the new mother of dragons.

Game of Thrones is the inspiration behind Diamonté Harper’s—aka Saweetie—new visual, “Pissed.”

Directed by Christian Sutton, the clip opens with picturesque shots of an old castle perched on top of a snowy mountain as haunting, hymn-like chords drone in the background. But as soon as the bass-heavy Cronkite-produced beat kicks in, we’re transported to within the building’s stone walls where Saweetie sits on a golden throne, looking as majestic as ever in a black corset gown.

Unleashing her inner Daenerys Targaryen, the up-and-coming rap star tears into razor sharp verses that hit back at her critics. “I go by in the Benzy and I be throwing up digits / I work hard for my riches, how dare you say I didn’t / I said that I be winning / Oh, you thought that I was kidding?” Saweetie spits.


According to a new interview with Billboard, Harper declared herself as a huge fan of George RR Martin’s medieval fantasy epic. “I love Game of Thrones,” she said. “[In the video] I dressed up as Khaleesi to symbolize what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to take over. When I first came out with my blonde hair, people were calling me the black Khaleesi, and I kind of just ran with that.”

Watch it below:

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