Sampa the Great enlists Junglepussy for “Time’s Up” remix

The Aussie rapper has also kicked off a competition for the song’s next remix.

Sampa the Great has returned with a remix of her single, “Time’s Up,” which now features Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy.

The original track, which appeared on Sampa’s debut album The Return, included a conversation between Sampa and Krown about their experiences as African artists in the Australian music industry. On the remix, Sampa further explores the hardships she faces as a musician, swapping lines with Junglepussy about the challenges they face as women in the rap game.

“Came from the belly of a Queen like surprise it’s / ‘Female rappers rap the same thing’ rolls eyelids / What I’m gonna say, talk tough yet, still I vent / Wear the baggy pants with a bustier, pay my rent,” Sampa spits.


“N***as built their whole careers off of what they put us through / Making money off our pain, it must be protocol,” Junglepussy adds.

Alongside the remix, Sampa is also encouraging her fans to share their own experiences through her #TimesUpRemix movement. Partnering with SoundCloud, the Melbourne-based rapper has called on Black women and nonbinary people around the world to submit a verses for a new remix of “Time’s Up.”

“All the Black Queens to the front. Give us your best 16. This one is for all our Black women! Who’s [sic] voices, especially in this genre, are often silenced or taken for granted. We want to hear your voice,” Sampa and Junglepussy, who will judge the competition, said in a release.


“We started this competition to hear verses from Black women and nonbinary people all around the world. Speak on the industry or your experience, speak in vernacular, speak on how proud you are to be who you are. Whatever you do, speak as you!” Find more info on the contest here.

According to the release, proceeds from the “Time’s Up” remix will go towards Pola Psychology, a Melbourne clinic which works to provide culturally responsive mental healthcare for African youth and musicians.

Listen to the remix of “Time’s Up” below:

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