SAINt JHN shares video for “Sucks to Be You” MV

The warped visual inspired a hilarious meme contest.

SAINt JHN recently released a video for “Sucks to Be You,” which will land on his forthcoming album, While the World Was Burning.

With fiery dancing scenes and JHN’s passionate lyrics, the clip had all the makings of a dramatic masterpiece. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite turn out that way, as the video became warped after its release on YouTube, creating some hilarious effects.

“They fvcked up the YouTube upload for ‘Sucks to Be You,’” JHN told his fans after seeing the mistake on Twitter. “It’s not supposed to look like that.”


The mishap caused some very strange-looking scenes, including the distorted faces of both SAINt and his muse. The Brooklyn native was a good sport about it, though, and promised $1,000 to five fans who could make the funniest memes out of the clip.

“Since they fvcked up the ‘Sucks to Be You’ upload on YouTube, the screenshots are soooo hilarious, let’s do a meme contest,” he tweeted. “I’ll give 1k for the best meme and I’m picking 5. HUUURRRRYYYY UPPPPP before they take the video down.”

The contest definitely inspired some funny memes. See a few below:


While the World Was Burning is due out this Friday. The album will also feature the song “Gorgeous,” as well as collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, DaBaby, Kanye West, 6LACK and more.

Watch the video for “Sucks to Be You” below:

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