SAINt JHN flexes hard on new song “Gorgeous”

“Everything I got up on my wrist, shit is gorgeous.”

SAINt JHN has dropped “Gorgeous,” the latest in a string of new offerings from the Brooklyn rapper this year.

The braggadocious new track was produced by longtime collaborator Fallen, who also helmed the production on SAINt JHN’s 2019 album Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs. On “Gorgeous,” the rapper gloats about his wealth and luxurious lifestyle, shrugging off buying jewelry and supercars as “ordinary problems.”

“Everything I got up on my wrist, shit is gorgeous / Everything I got up on my teeth, shit is gorgeous / And they know I’m comin’ from the east, shit is hardest,” he boasts. “Everything I got up on my seat for the robbers / We juugin’, ballin’, it’s just an ordinary problem.”


Earlier this year, SAINt JHN released the solo song “Ransom,” before hopping on collaborations with Octavian, Tyla Yaweh and Marshmello. In June, the rapper shared a Future remix of his 2018 song “Roses,” which later received a tropical visual treatment.

Listen to his latest song “Gorgeous” below:

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