Sada Baby, Trap Manny hit the streets in “Outside” MV

Taken from Sada’s ‘Skuba Sada 2’ mixtape.

Sada Baby has dropped a video for “Outside,” featuring Trap Manny.

In the clip, the rappers take to the streets of the Bronx, swapping stories about their come-up and remembering their fallen comrades. “Now I got brothers in the grave, opps want me to sing / Might be blood all on my chain ’fore I let you take my name / You know big brother been gone and I need ’em / I got this chopper in my soul, I’mma squeeze it, hmm,” Sada spits.

“Outside” is a cut from Sada’s Skuba Sada 2 mixtapes, which arrived earlier this week. The project’s deluxe edition also features an appearance from King Von on “Pressin.”

Watch the video for “Outside” here:



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