Sada Baby taps Lil Yachty for “Kourtside” video

Sada’s ‘Bartier Bounty 2’ mixtape is on the way.

Sada Baby and Lil Yachty have released a video for their new collaboration, “Kourtside.”

The clip features the duo performing in front of their luxury cars while delivering verses about money, women, drugs and fame. “Me and Lil Boat in a Lambo, it’s a red one / Only n***as disrespect me, it’s the dead ones / If I fuck a bitch from the front, she a bad one,” Sada spits.

“Kourtside” is expected to appear on Bartier Bounty 2, the follow-up to Sada’s 2019 Bartier Bounty mixtape. Earlier this year, he released his Skuba Sada 2 tape, which also included the song “Outside” with Trap Manny. That came a few months after his Brolik mixtape in January. On the other hand, Yachty released his new album, Lil Boat 3, back in May.


Bartier Bounty 2 is due out later this year. Watch the video for “Kourtside” below:

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