Saba wants to know “Where it’s At” in new song

The rapper has teamed up with daedaePIVOT yet again.

Just a week after dropping his latest single “Papaya,” Saba is already back with a brand-new song, “Where it’s At.”

Another collaboration with daedaePIVOT, who’s also part of Saba’s Pivot Gang crew, “Where it’s At” is the sixth loosie from the Chicago native since the release of his sophomore album, Care for Me, earlier this April. Over a cruisy beat, the rapper plays the role of a moneylender, who demands the return of his funds. “Fuck that, Imma need all my money back / Where it’s at, ho where it’s at / Ayy, fuck your deposit, I don’t want half / When you got it all, you can call me back,” he spits.

Elsewhere, Saba drops even more threatening bars that hint things might get violent if his warnings are disregarded. “My n***as’ll take your legs, turn you to Brandon Roy / No I’m not the man that do it / But you best have it when you say you have it or / It’s gon’ be problems / Problems I’m not sure that you can endure,” he raps. Long story short, you don’t wanna mess with this guy.


Listen to Saba’s “Where it’s At” below:

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