RZA’s latest release, ‘Guided Explorations,’ is an EP of meditation tracks

Let the Wu-Tang Clan member help you unlock hidden powers.

Some rappers have dipped their toes into performance art while others have made their mark in the instant ramen world. But Prince Rakeem, aka RZA, has gone down the spiritual route: The Wu-Tang Clan rapper recently teamed up with Tazo Tea to release an EP of guided meditation songs.

Titled Guided Explorations, the EP consists of five tracks that aim “to inspire and break that stagnation from other artists and other creative minds,” RZA told Forbes. “I’m at the phase in my life where I think the best thing I could do is inspire,” he said of the reason for making the meditative record. “Whether that’s inspiring some kid from my neighborhood who thinks they’ll never make it out; [or] inspiring someone who picked up a guitar and is frustrated.”

The EP opens with a soothing minute-long introduction by RZA, who invites listeners to “grab some tea and get comfortable” before he helps “unlock your hidden powers.” Each track starts with relaxing breathing techniques before it delves into a topic. The first chapter, “Kill the Noise,” teaches how to get rid of distractions, while “Fan Your Flames” focuses on discovering the listener’s full creative potential.


Following the release of Guided Explorations, RZA will conduct a two-day guided retreat at Camp ROZA where he’ll assist participants “reach creative enlightenment,” according to the event’s website. The workshop will be held at Staten Island, New York City sometime later this week.

Get in the zone and listen to Guided Explorations below:

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