Rod Wave reflects on near-fatal car crash in “Through the Wire” MV

Watch the sobering clip here.

Rod Wave reflects on a major car accident that nearly took his life on his new single, “Through the Wire.”

The accompanying music video begins with a message that reveals the Florida rapper suffered internal bleeding from the brain and other injuries as a result of the crash in 2019. In the clip, Rod stands soberly next to his totaled car while he raps about the traumatic incident.

“Ran the light and hit a pole, a head-on collision / Went to thinkin’ ’bout my lifestyle that lost my vision / Had a meeting with my daughters but I’m gonna miss it / Went to bleeding out my head, dude, he came to get me,” he spits.

Earlier this year, Wave released his sophomore album, Pray 4 Love. The 14-track project peaked at number two on the Billboard 200, and was subsequently followed up with singles “And I Still” and “The Last Sad Song.”


Watch the video for “Through the Wire” below:


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