RMR reworks Matchbox 20’s “3AM” for “The Wishing Hour”

From his ‘4th Quarter Medley’ series.

RMR has reworked Matchbox 20’s 1996 hit “3AM” for his latest offering, “The Wishing Hour.”

The rapper—who first went viral for his song “Rascal,” which reimagined Rascal Flatts’ “These Days”—also released an accompanying video in which he performs the song onstage in his signature balaclava. When he finishes his set, time appears to stand still, and RMR walks off stage leaving his cup of tea suspended in mid-air.

“It’s 3am and I’m fuckin’ horny / And he says baby / I got a thousand dollars all straight cash / I made it rain, now when are we leavin’?” RMR sings in a heavily Auto-Tuned twang.


“The Wishing Hour” is RMR’s first offering from his three-part series, 4th Quarter Medley, where each release will be a reimagining of a classic song. The project follows his debut EP, Drug Dealing is a Lost Art, which featured the song “Welfare” with Westside Gunn.

While you wait for the next 4th Quarter Medley drop, watch the video for “The Wishing Hour” below:

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