RiFF RAFF, Chief Keef team up for “TiP TOE 3”

It's been seven years since “Cuz My Gear.”

Chief Keef and RiFF RAFF have linked up for the first time since 2012 for their brand-new single, “TiP TOE 3.”

The two artists have experienced considerable success since their last collab, “Cuz My Gear.” On this new track, the light beat makes RiFF RAFF’s voice sound almost surreal. “Tiptoeing to the jewelry store / Christian Dior mink draggin’ to the floor / I don’t really care about money anymore,” he sings.

Keef comes in with a heavily Auto-Tuned hum, rapping: “Tiptoeing to the jewelry store / I don’t really care about nothin’ anymore / Grandma said I grew up, I ain’t stubborn anymore.”


Tiptoe your way to the song below:

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