Rich the Kid pays tribute to Pop Smoke in video for “Easy”

He also released a visual for “No Loyalty.”

Rich the Kid has dropped videos for the songs “Easy” and “No Loyalty.” Both are cuts from his latest album, Boss Man.

In the “Easy” clip, the rapper hangs out with his posse at locations across New York. They shop at a bodega, wait for their laundry to be done at a laundromat and chow down on pizza. The visual closes with a touching note that reads: “Rest in Peace Pop Smoke,” along with Pop’s full legal name and the date of his untimely death.

On the other hand, the video for “No Loyalty” features Rich partying it up at a strip club. “These n***as ain’t loyal you can’t trust ’em / If I had the choppa, I’ll bust ’em / You wanted all but now you ended up with nothin’ / There ain’t no loyalty, you n***as all disgusting,” he spits.


Rich’s Boss Man album arrived earlier this month. It featured collaborations with Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, DaBaby and more. Watch Rich the Kid’s new videos below.



“No Loyalty”:

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