Rich the Kid doesn’t mind “Splashin” some cash

The rapper continues to flex his wealth on this new song.

Rich the Kid’s new single “Splashin” is a gentle reminder that the 26-year-old Queens rapper is loaded with cash, and he’s not afraid to spend it.

“I flip the money, got my check up / I’m flexing up, but I’m no wrestler / Blue cheese pockets got the extras / I stack the money up like Tetris,” Rich boasts over the pounding Frank Dukes- and TheLabCook-produced beat. From choppers to Dolce & Gabbana flip-flops to Gucci socks, the rapper’s got it all.

But the Rich Forever head honcho wants you to know that he built his own wealth (“How I made it from the ’hood to a Bent truck?”). The MC’s secret to success? Don’t stop hustling, as he explains. “I don’t do no relaxing / Run up the bag, get the cash in,” Rich spits.


Check out “Splashin” below:

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