Rich Brian returns with “Yellow,” featuring Bekon

The Indonesian rapper’s first offering since his 2018 debut, ‘Amen.’

Rich Brian is back. His latest single “Yellow,” featuring Kendrick Lamar-approved rapper-producer Bekon, is out now.

Shifting away from Brian’s usual bass-heavy trap production, “Yellow” opens with Bekon’s eerie piano-driven arrangement and the rapper singing in a ghostly whisper, “How do I disappear without anybody knowing?” Haunting strings and skittering hi-hats soon enter, adding to the song’s already dramatic appeal. 

On the song’s second half, Brian makes his appearance brief. Still, the Indonesian rapper manages to drop a razor-sharp verse that mocks his rivals. “Got a full clip, don’t even carry no guns / Don’t need no ice, feel like I’m 21 / Breakfast and lunch, she gon’ swallow my sons / Dinner, dessert, eat these rappers for fun,” he spits. 


“Yellow” is the first taste of music from Brian since his 2018 debut album, Amen. The rapper previously released the video for the LP cut “History” and was featured on 88rising’s collaborative summer album, Head in the Clouds

Listen to “Yellow” below:

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